I Am Your Only Friend

by Northern Life

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Album photo by Louie Vigorito

Guest Vocals: Blair Davis of Homestead (Alluvium)
Gillian Mattern (Calloused)


released January 13, 2017

Recorded by Mackenzie Christensen at Rose City Sound Recordings in Norwich, CT.

Joshua Sandage (lead vocals)
Skyler Saran (drums)
Tristan Beausoleil (guitar/vocals)
David O'Brien (guitar)



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Northern Life Plainfield, Connecticut

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Track Name: Brother Bear
tree inked in my skin
To remind myself of where we belong within
It kills me to see you this way
When I am your only friend
Your words flow through me
Like ocean currents
And morning swims
Brother, bear with me this way

We live but die everyday
We tie knots on every toe
and walk on glass Just to show
That we are not alone
It's in our blood to feel this sort
Spill your verses to me and I soak them in like the blood on the floor
Words so deep they levitate leaves Cover them with gold and green
Civil elder
lead to me on this trail
To tell my own journey
Critique my disbeliefs in hope of a better humanity
Track Name: Alluvium
There's a lovely woman beneath our feet
but we drain her blood till she cant breathe
And cut the trees for a meaningless wage
and use the oils for temporary things
Set pur deathbed for earlier days

Mother your beauty aches
Father your sky breaks
Dry up the lakes and say our prayers
For we have lost all light for she has lost all sight it seeks it way to ourn minds we are the killer we are the parasite.

And when it rains I hope you see the pain you make, look at what the Native Americans say, be thankful and give back what you take cause in time it will pay

We took her her beauty we took her soul well reap what we stole my god we did this to ourselves
Track Name: Waning Foul
Birds outside my window
Tackled in sun
Beautiful they are
They are with love
I'd hate for this sight to grow old
Cause I've taken so long on this road
And I've taken so much time alone
When will it break, knowing how distant you've grown
These chains will not break
Forever you are my love

How do I explain, how I've got here but I've forgotten what it means
And loved days makee quake
Cause they were the one thing I can't remember to think
Cause I've never felt heaven
But I've never felt hell
I'm numb inside and out

Never grow, it's sorrowful to know
Pull it through, and hold it close
Feel the warmth and let it go
So It will never grow cold
Track Name: Calloused
Wild Love with Blistered Feet
Swollen eyes as I Believe
You are worn you are free
I wish to share these endeavors amd set a sail this sea

My beauty where might you be
Your silent hum echoed through me
Truth is to be alove but I will settle for love

Twisting and suffocating
From the air you breathe
You sat there and stared at me
For this may not be

Calloused at the toe bitter at the toungest constantly in debt to things I've left undone and when the world gives up and im on a crutch I've given this life a rush, and when I turn 25 and this place is alive we truly have survived watching ships sink in eyes I've learned that there's no escape never landing on my feet there's no p